How to Fix Temporary Failure in Name Resolution | 8 Step Guide for Permanent Solution

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Temporary Failure in Name Resolution

If you have recently installed Kali Linux Ubuntu or any other LINUX operating system variant you have probably faced or maybe you are facing the issue of “temporary failure in name resolution”. In this article, we will share a permanent simple, and straight solution to this problem. The latest Linux OS versions are coming with an error where the end-users having been connected to their Wifi aren’t able to surf the internet or even the ping command also through the same error message. Let’s know a little bit about what this error is and why you are facing this issue.

temporary failure in name resolution
Temporary Failure in Name Resolution Error Fixed Permanently

Name Resolution in Linux

        You can relate this with a real-life example: suppose a guy named Mike gets a pizza delivery job in another city, he doesn’t know the exact addresses of the pizza company’s permanent customers, so the sales manager gives him an address book that contains numbers and addresses of all their customers, by which he can now deliver the pizza easily and quickly.

        The same thing applies here: the internet is nothing but a large network of interconnected computers and those computers have their addresses called IP addresses. Computers communicate through IP addresses and because humans are not very capable of memorizing large numbers, instead they assign the names to those IP addresses to remember them easily. So the example of Mike illustrates the scenario of communication and transfer of physical entities, similarly, the online devices use DNS (Domain Name System) as an address book or phone book.

        In DNS the conversion process of domain names to IP addresses and IP addresses to domain names is called Name Resolution. In simple, name resolution is the main actor who resolves our domain name-related queries and provides us with the required IP addresses.

Simple Solution to “Kali Linux Wifi Not Working”

If you are working on a Linux OS-based machine like AWS EC2 Linux, Arch, Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, or any other type of Linux distro you might meet this error.

Follow these easy steps and type these system commands to solve the Linux Name Resolution Problem.

How to Fix Temporary Failure in Name Resolution

Step 1:

Open a terminal in your Linux OS and check the internet connectivity status simply by copy-pasting this ping command below.


Step 2:

Now If you see the result “Temporary Failure in Name Resolution“, there might be a service blocked that causes the whole problem. To check that service status simply copy this command, and its status along with full details will appear on the screen as shown in the attached screenshots.

sudo systemctl status systemd-resolved.service
temporary failure in name resolution checking name resolution service is disabled
Name Resolution Service is Disabled

Step 3:

After following step 2, you can see the status of the service in the “Loaded” para is disabled meanwhile the “Active” para below also denotes that the same service is inactive (dead).

Step 4:

Copy-paste this command to enable the system resolver so that you can connect to the internet.

sudo systemctl enable systemd-resolved.service
Command to enable linux system resolver to fix temporary failure in name resolution
Enabling System Resolver in Linux

Step 5:

At this stage we have to check the status of systemd-resolved service again in the “Loaded” para if it is now enabled, that’s great. We should now move on to our next step.

Step 6:

To check the status simply recall the last status command. You can type that or press the Up arrow key to recall the previously entered commands.

service enabled session dead in linux while solving temporary failure in name resolution
Service Enabled, Session Dead

Step 7:

This step is important, and many other websites and YouTube channels haven’t yet shared this, you’ll find the status is enabled, but the service is not yet active. To activate it use this command.

sudo systemctl start systemd-resolved.service
start the service in linux
Command to start the internet on Linux

This command won’t react in the terminal but in the background, it’ll fix your problem permanently.

Service status solution temporary failure in name resolution
Fix Error Temporary Failure in Name Resolution

Step 8:

Now the last step is to verify and make sure that everything went perfectly or not. To verify this recall the ping command again or open any browser and go to our website by searching cybertaleem on Google and enjoy.

issue fixed temporary failrue in name resolution
Issue Fixed Enjoy Your Internet
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In conclusion, the “temporary failure in name resolution” error is a common problem that can occur on Linux operating systems. Many factors are responsible for the production of this error, including a misconfigured firewall or a disabled systemd-resolved service. The steps outlined in this article can help you troubleshoot and fix this error permanently. We have tested that this fix works permanently. If you don’t find these steps helpful and the error is still not fixed, we suggest you consult with a Linux expert for further assistance.

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