How to Fix Temporary Failure in Name Resolution On Linux

Temporary Failure in Name Resolution If you have recently installed Kali Linux Ubuntu or any other LINUX operating system variant you have probably faced or maybe you are facing the issue of “temporary failure in name resolution”. In this article, we will share a permanent simple, and straight solution to this problem. The latest Linux … Read more

A Zero Day Attack in Cyber Security | 0day | Defined in Detail

 What is a Zero-Day (0day) Attack | The Zero-day Exploit     Every computer program either computer application, mobile application, or website every type of program is built by writing their source code and that is written by software developers. Software companies hire software engineers and train them to write and build the best computer … Read more

Object-Oriented Programming & Its Features

    Programming a computer application is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and effort to write a useful computer program. Computer Applications are built to solve real-life problems, but there was a time when computer programming was considered a problematic task. Because the programmers used the procedural-oriented & structural-oriented programming methods … Read more

What is NFT & Best NFT Marketplaces

 What is NFT?         NFT is an abbreviation of Non-Fungible Token. This is a digital form of ownership, a non-replaceable token that shares its record with millions of interconnected computers through blockchain technology. The non-replaceable concept can be related to real-life examples. Suppose you have two pieces of paper one is blank … Read more

5 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses & How Computer Viruses Work?

What is Computer Virus?         A smart set of computer instructions that can disturb the computer’s working method, this malicious code collection is called a computer virus. It can automatically make multiple copies of itself and can make a computer completely inoperable. Computer viruses are quite similar to biological viruses, they can … Read more

Ransomware Definition & Best Ways to prevent Ransomware Attacks

 What is a Ransomware Attack?         Over time, almost all of the businesses and organizations of the world are adopting new technologies and mostly rely on machines and digital products these include computers, auto-operating machines, and more. The  Computer is now considered the backbone of organizations because it stores, processes, and manages … Read more