Google Assistant: 1st Intelligent Assistant

Last updated on September 7th, 2023 at 12:38 am

What is Google Assistant?

       In today’s fast-paced life, because of work stress, there is a high probability of missing out on something important or feeling depressed under the pressure of a heavy workload. That’s why we need an assistant to share the workload with and get relaxed so we can be more productive.

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant developed by Google and based on artificial intelligence. It is also known as Google Voice Assistant. Because it can understand our natural language and can communicate back as a human with general intelligence.

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What is PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)?

An assistant can easily manage and follow up on our tasks and remind us of the most priority-based tasks to avoid missing an important task or event. Before technology, business owners hired people with good management skills as their assistants. Later, as technology boomed after the 1990s, a smartphone-sized digital assistant was introduced to replace the human assistant, and that was called a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

This PDA concept evolved over time, and now we can see all of the PDA features are available in modern smartphones. Tech giant companies have developed many virtual assistant software that can assist us on any level and with any job in our business. Google Voice Assistant is also one of them.

What can Google Assistant & Google Home Do?

Google Assistant has a lot more functionalities compared with a PDA device back in the 1990s or compared with a human assistant. PDA devices only had a few features whereas this intelligent assistant has a vast number of features with AI support. Google Voice Assistant can do a lot more things and some of them are below.

  • Google Assistant can follow your voice commands and can understand many languages and can reply as well.
  • It can provide handless interaction with your devices.
  • Google Voice Assistant can call or SMS any person just by following the command.
  • It can book a flight ticket or an appointment with a doctor.
  • It can fetch events from your calendar data and remind you accordingly.
  • Google Home Assistant can control all the smart appliances in the home.
  • Chatting with Google Voice Assistant will never make you bored because it has lots of jokes to tell you.
  • Its driving mode is also an amazing feature that assists you while you are driving, it simply blocks all unnecessary notifications except calls and SMSs.
  • It can solve the music riddles also with the command “Guess the Song” and sing its rhythms.
google assisant on chromebook


How to Use (ON) Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is an easy tool and is available on every Android phone. You can activate it with just a long pressing (press and hold) on the home button and a colorful glowing screen border will appear then you can have fun with your personal AI-based digital assistant.

Activating Google Assistant with voice commands is also a good method to experience handless operations, You only have to say OK GOOGLE or Hey Google and you’ll find your assistant ready to respond. You can explore the assistant settings to change the language to your native language for a better experience. In order to utilize the Google Voice Assistant in home automation, the Google Home device is used along with Wi-Fi switches to control home appliances with voice commands.

How to Enable Google Assistant on Chromebook?

Follow these simple steps below to set up Google Assistant on Chromebook:

  1. On your Chromebook Desktop click on the time-showing clock icon located at the right bottom corner of the desktop.
  2. Click on the gear icon to open the settings
  3. Now Click on the navigation menu located at the top left side of that setting window
  4. In this menu, you’ll find the Search and Assistant option click on it
  5. Now You’ll find Assistant disabled right after the Preferred Search Engine.
  6. Click on Enable to enjoy the free assistance.
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Google Home devices and Google Assistant installed on smartphones are extremely useful, in order to make our lives easier in modern life. The Voice Assistant feature is amazing and can help millions of differently-abled people get in touch with modern technology at no cost.
Google Voice Assistant can provide any information anywhere while jogging in the park or while driving a bicycle. In short, Google Voice Assistant contributes a great value to making our daily life easier over time and it also improves itself using machine learning, Soon it’ll evolve enough to guess the human modes and feelings and deal in a better way and provide more value to our life.

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