Brute Force Attack in Cyber Security | Password Spraying Attack & It’s Prevention

 What is a Brute Force Attack in Cyber Security     A brute force attack is a type of cyber attack where an attacker uses automated software to repeatedly try different combinations of characters in an attempt to guess a password or passphrase. This type of attack is used to gain unauthorized access to a computer … Read more

A Zero Day Attack in Cyber Security | 0day | Defined in Detail

 What is a Zero-Day (0day) Attack | The Zero-day Exploit     Every computer program either computer application, mobile application, or website every type of program is built by writing their source code and that is written by software developers. Software companies hire software engineers and train them to write and build the best computer … Read more

Ransomware Definition & Best Ways to prevent Ransomware Attacks

 What is a Ransomware Attack?         Over time, almost all of the businesses and organizations of the world are adopting new technologies and mostly rely on machines and digital products these include computers, auto-operating machines, and more. The  Computer is now considered the backbone of organizations because it stores, processes, and manages … Read more