How to Create Multiple Email Addresses with One Gmail Account

Last updated on June 6th, 2023 at 06:43 am

Hello! Welcome to I’m Azhar Ali and today I will share an easy method that allows you to create infinite variants of email addresses from a single Gmail account. By the end of this blog post, you will be able to generate as many as needed email variants from your primary Gmail address.

How to Create Multiple Email Addresses From One Gmail Account

As you read earlier In this article you can create probably an infinite number of email addresses, but all of those newly generated Gmail variants have one common Gmail inbox. That is also a plus point in many cases but it depends on the use case also. To better understand, let’s consider an email address this is a primary email address and every newly generated email address from this primary email will be received in one common primary inbox. Now our focus point starts here if you add some extra letters in the email address before the sign @ the mail will be received in the same Gmail.

There are three possible ways to do that i.e to generate multiple variants of the same email address & they are as follows:

The Dot Method:

In this method we can put a dot in prefix words i.e in the username section at any place we want to create a new variant for example if we have we can simply put a dot between mister and abc and the result will be This will be considered as a new Gmail on any website you signup and all messages sent to the dotted version will be now received in your primary Gmail inbox.

The Plus Method:

In my opinion, this is a worthy method. By using this method you can make profiles in bulk quantity. If you have a mindset of doing spam over a website than by using this method you can get millions of email address variations from one Google Account.

In this, you have to add a plus + sign before @ sign and add some numbers or characters after the + sign and by changing these numbers and letters you will be able to make unlimited variations of that primary Gmail.

For Example or

The Domain Method:

Gmail is a service by Google and a short form of Google mail, then why don’t we use it as instead of Google considers these as the same while other people, companies, websites, and services consider them as two different email providers. Google provides only one inbox for these two different email variants.

These three methods are used to generate Gmail addresses from one Gmail account. People across the globe use these methods and make multiple accounts over the internet.

How to Use the Same Email (Gmail) for Multiple Accounts

Now you know how to get different variations of a single email address. Many people with spamming mindsets use these methods to trick websites offering trials for their service, bad acting, and cyber-aware bad people use these tricks to make things worst. I hope you don’t use this information for any malicious purpose.

In simple words you can use the same email by following these steps:

  1. Get your primary Gmail
  2. Go to the website you wanna sign up
  3. Choose any method to generate your email variant
  4. Sign up with multiple variations.
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