An Installation Step Failed Select and Install Software in Kali Linux | Live feature in OS in Kali Linux with Example

    If you are going to install Kali Linux, Debian, or any other Linux-based operating system on your computer you may have faced this error (Select and install software failed) during installation. By the end of this article, you will be able to figure out the error and fix the problem by yourself.

Select and Install Software Failed Kali Linux

In this guide, we will use Kali Linux you can relate this problem with your Linux operating system distro. You can follow this tutorial because the core problem behind the error select and installed software failure are similar. Let’s troubleshoot this error first and detect what is the root cause of this issue. The main reasons are given below which can be directly responsible for this error.

  • Corrupted, infected, or misconfigured bootable media used for installation.
  • Corrupted or outdated ISO image used.
  • Damaged bootable media devices i.e CD or USB.
  • Anti-virus interruption during the making of the bootable media devices. 

Solutions for an Installation step failed Kali Linux

  • If you are using any preconfigured, pirated, or duplicated bootable media for installation then avoid it and make your bootable installation media device.
  • Download a fresh and fully up-to-date ISO image from Kali Linux’s official website.
  • Avoid using damaged or corrupted media devices for installation purposes.
  • If you are making a bootable device for Linux, make sure your Windows Defender or any other Anti-virus isn’t interrupting the process.

What is Live feature in OS in Kali Linux with Example?

Most of the Linux OS distributions now come with the live feature, because Linux is a lightweight operating system and can also fit on a narrow volume USB device, and its hardware requirements are also minimal that’s why it is possible to give its users an option to run their Linux OS directly from USB. If you are not interested in installing it onto your hard drive you can still use it only by plug-in-play method which is also known as the live feature of Kali Linux. This is also an option to avoid the select and Install software failed error.

The Linux Live feature has some advantages and disadvantages also. The plus point is that you can carry your operating system with you anywhere, everywhere, and complete your Linux-based tasks from any computer even doesn’t have any OS installed on it. The minus point is that you can’t fully rely on this USB-based OS and because USBs don’t have much speed, the live OS feature can’t provide much efficiency and we can face severe lag in all operations on it. 

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