What is Captcha? | Why Captcha codes are used?

 What is a captcha? | Captcha Meaning | Purpose of CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA stands for (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart).

        This is a special type of test conducted online to differentiate the human and computers. In this acronym the words “Turing Test” are used do you know what they refer to? Before we dive into the CAPTCHA code topic let’s take a look at the Turing test. Although the Turing test is also a broader topic and deserves a separate article to explain it, here we discuss it a little bit as the intro is compulsory to understand what is captcha.

What is Turing Test?

        During the Year 1950, an English mathematician Alan Mathison Turing introduced a testing procedure by which the difference between a human and a smart machine could be determined, but what was the need for this test? So the answer is quite simple Mr. Alan Turing was so genius that he predicted the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI). He knew that by the time Artificial Intelligence (AI)  will evolve at these levels, no one could record the difference if they are asked simple questions. And the advancement of modern AI proved his predictions positive. In the Turing test, both the human and the computer asked the same questions, if the examiner couldn’t differentiate their answers this will be a win situation for artificial intelligence. We can say that the alarming threat to mankind & it could be dangerous.

        According to a study in 2020, there was 37% of internet users was not actual human instead they were internet bots. what is an internet bot? Internet bot is application software that can perform online tasks and automate online things for the ease and profitability of humans. For Example: Suppose you have to buy any product online & the price of that product fluctuates and you don’t have to monitor that website the whole time. In this case, an internet bot can help you it can do that work for you. You only have to tell it the price where you want to buy that item, as soon as the selected product’s price hits your criteria bot will confirm your order. Now in this condition, everyone wants to have an advantage and everyone will start deploying internet bots for their own benefit which will definitely be a loss to the website owner. And that’s why captcha codes are used.

How, Where, and Why Captcha is used?

        The CAPTCHA is placed before the submission of an online form to avoid spam. If there is a bot, it will fail the CAPTCHA test after filling the form and if there is a real human, he will pass this test. Over time, the CAPTCHA code system has evolved. 

        Time is important for everyone, no one wants to spend their time writing curly & mediated letters on a website. So people mostly avoid visiting the websites asking for captcha submission.

       There was a need for a system that would prevent Internet bots from spamming websites and also don’t waste human time, & here the reCAPTCHA system enters in the play. The reCAPTCHA system is an advanced version of the CAPTCHA code system that uses user behavior such as mouse movement, keyboard interaction, and user history, including browsing history, cache, and cookies to determine if the client-side is a human or an internet bot. Sometimes reCAPTCHA can be very time-consuming. This happens mostly at that time when you log in from a new browser and try to anonymize yourself or your internet connection is not stable. The reCAPTCHA system is a free service from Google that anyone can use for free on their website and secure their website from internet bots and DDoS attacks.

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